2015, performance by CHICHI MA$ALA ft. Sezzo

Sancintya Simpson’s alter ego CHICHI MA$ALA uses the tropes of historical exotica and contemporary culture to distort audience experience through reactionary performance. Using sampled sounds, exotica, fruit and spices she critiques popular culture through a layered performance featuring DJ Sezzo. Using music to react to sampled sounds Sezzo and CHICHI MA$ALA create a space in which the exotic stereotype is simultaneously given power yet critiqued. The shared experience of racial fetishisation and micro-aggressions, as mixed-race women, is thrown back at the audience through their live collaboration. The audience is implicated in their participation on contemporary societies fetishisation of other cultures and the continuation of racial prejudices. CHICHI MA$ALA’s role is reactionary in the space and enhances the positioning of the audience as she triggers midi sounds under a veil of projected historic exotica and disrupts with the unexpected.