HD music video, 3.24 mins, 2014

Under her rap-persona of CHICHI MA$ALA, Simpson’s hip-hop music video develops sistahood as a method of critique and disruption to the racial fetishism experienced by young mixed-race women in Australia. Reclaiming and disrupting stereotypes of the exotic other and tragic mulatta – through a Mixed Girl Militia, the absurd combines with the sexual and hostile to collectively create a space for self-representation.

CHICHI MA$ALA – Mixed Girl Militia ft. Big Sezzo, BO$$ANOVA, MAÏA (prod. Boy Venus), 2014 HD music video


Special and heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of this project, in particular to Isha Ram Das, Tri Nguyen, Benjamin Leadbetter, Sezzo Snot, Ivy Fisher and Maia Francesca my sincere thanks.